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              Network and Managing Partnership!

At Exnetco, managing partnership in the 21st century is based on collaboration, consultation, and respect for all partners in the network.

Exnetco provides a mechanism for each partner to bring the specific skills, competencies, and solutions that clients need. It also helps mobilize more resources by combining the technical, human, knowledge, and financial resources of all partners. Exnetco is therefore a dynamic network of contacts, information and skills that allow us to ensure a greater awareness of client's priorities and needs.

As the cost of conflict is high, all partners in the network have agreed to focus on responsibility, transparency, and cooperation instead of competition to pursue a project, deal, contract, new business or idea, for the mutual benefits of our clients and partnership.

Exnetco is developing its network which currently consists of the following partnership organizations:

* GAPSET M3C is focusing on management of information systems for decision-makers: systems design, implementation and integration, operational support and training, follow-up and strategic management advice. GAPSET state-of-the art products are developed on an ORACLE technology platform and are among the most competitive solutions currently available on the world market, including pricing and best practices. President: Mr. Jean Michel Treille, based in Paris, France.   Client references include Rothschild Group, Societe Generale Bank; Credit Agricole Banks of France and of Morocco, Renault, Thomson, Corning Group, Alcatel, Alsthom, Aventis, the European Space Agency, the French Government, the World Bank, the Inter American Development Bank, Data General, Iris, and others.

* MNS Associates, LLC, MultiNational Strategies, is a specialized business and project development services firm serving international corporate and public sector clients in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The firm is based in Washington DC with offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Managing Partner: Dr. Stephen C. Schott, Attorney at Law, who worked many years as a lawyer at the World Bank Group. Professional alliances with Butler & Binion, LLP, a law firm with offices in Washington DC and Texas; and with the Forum for International Development Economics, LLP which is a group of Washington DC based economists and international development experts.

* MENA/America is a Virginia corporation focusing on the promotion and development of commercial and investment activities, particularly in and among the countries of the Middle East, North Africa and North America, and provides project, trade management, investment and financial advisory services. The firm is based in Alexandria, Virginia, with offices in New York. President: Ms. Barbara A. Lewis, a former operations officer at the World Bank Group. Clients include primarily paper, packaging and technology industries, infrastructure and utilities companies, tourism investors, and investment funds/banks.

* Partnerships for Finance and Development (PFD) is a global consulting and representation group that assists private sector companies grow their share in international development work. The firm is based in Washington DC. It has antennas in Paris, France, and in Brussels, Belgium, close to the EU headquarters for TAS Euro-projects, and partnerships in Turkey, Egypt and Bangladesh.  Mr. Spiros Voyadzis, is President of the PFD Group, responsible for economic policy (including finance), public sector management, IT, rural, urban, regional and municipal development. He is also in charge of projects in social sectors, including human development issues and cultural heritage rehabilitation programs. Mr. Voyadzis brings more than 25 years of experience working in various distinguished functions for the World Bank Group in Washington D.C. and abroad as a staff member, manager, and senior manager.  PFD team of international experts helps suppliers, operators, construction and engineering clients worldwide understand the opportunities offered by the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and get them privileged access to these projects.

The building of purposeful and result-focused partnerships continues. Exnetco is open to new alliances, associations, experience exchanges, especially in Europe, the USA and India to work together to fulfill an obligation, undertake a task or project, do a market study, share risks and benefits, and build a long lasting relationship.