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    Services, Working Principles and Methods!

Exnetco provides unique services and solutions in either English or French to its client organizations through its own expertise and/or its network of well-selected partners who have in-depth industry, business or functional knowledge. Expertise includes:

Strategic Management and Finance
Foreign Direct Investment for Partnership
Overseas Investment and Technology Promotion
Global Manufacturing and Marketing Strategies for High-Technology Companies
Banking and Enterprise Restructuring
Financial Restructuring for Privatization
Institutional Analysis/Capacity Building 
Public/Private Policy Review
Economic and Social Development
Integrated Mountain Development
Knowledge Management
Project Management and Audit
Financial and Risk Analysis
Integrated Information Systems for Decision-Makers
Executive Coaching and Personality Profiles
Training Needs Assessment
Organizational Renewal and Development
Project Evaluation
Performance Evaluation
Web Site Design and Construction Assistance

Exnetco also provides expertise and advice to promote the emergence of talented artists and musicians who want to have a positive impact on humankind in the 21st century.

Working Principles and Methods

"Leaders must live by a set of deeply held core values and principles"
Center for Creative Leadership

Exnetco is a network of skills, knowledge, experience and best professional practices;

Our success is our client’s success: we work as a team to solve problems jointly with client’s decision-makers;

Exnetco is relying on leading-edge analytical approaches and is focusing on solutions to solve well-defined problems jointly with clients, not for them. Only  managers who are quick to set out a new vision, and put it into actions succeed in change management; 

The primary task in management consulting is therefore, through collaborative efforts and commitment, to develop specific and result-oriented actions that will lead to rapid corporate reform and support their implementation. 

"Change requires tactful action for a smooth 
landing...and with skillfull corporate executives
sweeping reforms are possible!"  Bernie

Our recommendations are meaningful when implementation has a useful impact;

Exnetco is protecting the confidentiality of client's sensitive data and respecting the views of all individuals.