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 "Learning is the key to strategic success for most intellectual enterprises."
Bernard Dussert, President and CEO of Exnetco


Essential skills were developed with the Harvard Business School (Executive Education), the Berkeley Center for Executive Development at the University of California, the University of Paris (MS in accounting and postgraduate studies in human resource development and international relations), and with the School of Management of Lyon (MBA). Member of the networks of the Center for Creative Leadership and the Aspen Institute (Alumnus of both learning organizations); 

Nineteen years of financial, managerial and advisory experience with the World Bank Group in Washington, D.C. and diverse field missions in developing countries, transition economies and emerging markets worldwide; 

Ten years of managerial, advisory and audit experience in the international, private, and public sector in Europe, Japan, Indonesia, Central Asia, India, Chile, Mexico, Africa and United States.

"Success is also on capturing the strategic advantage to meet the challenges of tomorrow."
Claudine V. Dussert, Ph.D., Vice President of Exnetco


Essential skills developed with The American University in Washington, D.C. (Organizational Psychology) and the Biology and Biochemistry Institute of the Catholic University of Lyon. Certified MBTI administrator in the USA. Degree in marketing management from the University of Paris;
Twenty years of consulting experience in management, communication, needs assessment and evaluation with major organizations and corporations in Europe, Japan, Chile, Mexico and United States;
Ten years teaching courses in social psychology, organizational behavior, project evaluation at The American University and one academic year at Trinity and George Washington Universities;
Co-founder of Strategies For Success, Inc. in 1986, and Director of Research and Development till 1999. 

Volunteer Activities

Bernard and Claudine Dussert are fully dedicated to peace and reconciliation, and accept to work free of charge for projects in Medjugorje. They are also willing to support selected charitable projects dedicated to helping the victims of natural disasters and the poor through MMP-Medjugorje Charity